What Do You Mean You're Taking My Cell Phone Away???

There’s been a lot of buzz on the internet about unplugged weddings lately. We’ve never suggested our couples have an unplugged wedding — but we think it can be a wonderful idea nonetheless.


What is an unplugged wedding? It’s a wedding where the couple request, either in print or in a pre-ceremony announcement, that their guests put their phones and cameras down, be fully present, and enjoy the wedding. Some couples opt to ask their guests to keep their phones and cameras away for the whole day; others make that request only for the ceremony.


While at first it might seem like a crazy idea — after all, everyone documents pretty much everything with their cell phones these days — there are many reasons that this idea can be a really good one.


Recently, an article was written about a bride who decided she wanted something more for her wedding. She wanted her guests to really enjoy the day, to feel truly present and in the moment with them. She assured them in the formal wedding invitation as well as a sign at the wedding itself that they had hired amazing photographers and videographers and would be more than happy to share the photos and videos with everyone. She explained that she wanted her guests to sit back, relax, and truly enjoy how everything about the day felt, to leave capturing how the day looked to the professionals. And then she respectfully asked that everyone leave their phones and cameras off.


The photographer, who was the author of this blog, then shared a special moment about that day. It was when the bride and groom were having their first dance and she was shooting away when she realized something felt different. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it at first but then it hit her. She looked up and saw guest after guest with tears streaming down their faces, almost as caught up in the moment as the bride and groom. “They weren’t focusing their iPhones or trying to figure out the settings on their DLSRs…they were just watching two people in love.” She said it was a beautiful thing. I can only imagine. And because I believe that the love story of the bride and groom is the most important detail of all, this really struck a chord with me. Because being unplugged had actually made them more connected. More connected with the day, the moment, the feeling, the emotion, the couple, the love story. Amazing.


There are strong arguments on both sides -- there's something so special about seeing your wedding day unfold from your guests' perspectives, but photographers have noted that "guest photographers" often compromise your professional pictures.


What is your opinion on this? Do you think having an “unplugged wedding” is a good idea or the start of a family feud?



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