Florida is Open for Business

Florida is Open for Business


Weddings Inc knows that large portions of the world and the US are still locked down. However, to some extent, Florida is open for business.

While regulations will vary from county to county, Florida’s fantastic weather has given us excellent opportunities to host weddings. 

Florida Destination Weddings 

We know that couples who follow us from the UK and Europe may still be on lockdown and, at a minimum, not able to travel to the US for their intimate wedding.

However, as we look down the road toward more accessible vaccination and ultimately opening up travel restrictions – we’re here for your All-Inclusive wedding planning needs. And, it’s never too early to start your planning.

Travel across the US seems to be more open, especially with couples coming to Florida for a destination wedding. We’re getting calls from across the Northeast and Midwest where weddings that couples may have planned aren’t able to happen because of state regulations.


Florida Weddings County by County 

Currently, Florida wedding and event regulations will vary county by county. The ‘Orlando’ wedding market – more specifically Central Florida weddings cross over several counties.

Our Weddings Inc team is working to stay as up-to-date as possible as regulations change.

We work with couples to find locations that will offer them as much as possible of the ‘normal’ they are looking for. 

Florida And The Great Outdoors 

Outdoor weddings are widely accessible across Central Florida!

Many of the wedding venues our Weddings Inc team partners with have fabulous outdoor spaces for wedding ceremonies. This offers weddings of varying sizes the opportunity to spread out and take advantage of physically distant seating.

Intimate weddings often have the availability to continue with celebrating outdoors with their cocktail hour and wedding reception.

We’re working to keep your wedding guests as safe and healthy as possible – this goes way beyond physical distancing.

We look forward to working with you to create an incredible Central Florida wedding experience.